All Reiki classes are taught by Reiki Master, Carol Denicker

It is a process of continual growth and the development of love, compassion, wisdom, cooperation, humility, persistence, kindness, courage, strength, and abundance. There is more to Reiki than healing yourself and/or others of specific problems. Reiki has a deeper purpose. In the same way that Reiki is able to guide healing energy when you are giving a treatment, Reiki can guide your life. By treating yourself and others, and meditating on the essence of Reiki, you will be guided more and more by Reiki in making important decisions. By living the Reiki principles your life will change in ways that bring greater harmony.

Over time, you will learn from experience that the guidance of Reiki is worthy of your trust. Animals lovers use Reiki to deepen and strengthen their relationships with their beloved pets as well as to promote wellness for them.

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