A Typical Reiki Treatment

If you’ve been thinking about having a Reiki treatment, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Before I begin the treatment, I will explain the hand positions to you, since most of your body or your field of energy will be touched. Hands are placed with respect not to violate an individual’s body privacy. Modifications can always be made to the traditional hand positions to respect any additional touch issues you may have.

The receiver will often feel warmth, tingling, or both where the practitioner’s hands are placed. A practitioner’s touch is always gentle, light, and usually motionless, except when changing hand positions; there is no massage or body manipulation.

Dress Comfortably

You should be dressed in simple, loose-fitting clothing. Any comfortable clothing is acceptable, but sweats, T-shirts, and loose pants or shorts work best. Tight garments and belts are not conducive to relaxation. A Reiki practitioner always appreciates your bringing a pair of fresh clean socks with you to change into. Shoes are always removed.

The Right Environment

To receive the full Reiki experience, and to facilitate “letting go” into a meditative, relaxed state a quiet, safe place is required. Distractions such as phones will be eliminated; as will other interruptions. If you wish, you may bring a companion with you to your session. They will be welcome to wait for you in the waiting room. Every effort is made to ensure a relaxing and spiritually enriching experience. You’ll receive your Reiki treatment while reclining on a massage table in a softly lit, scented with essential oils. Meditative music is offered to enhance your relaxation.

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